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PODCAST 12-20-2018: Moroccan Islam, with Ann Marie Wainscott

PODCAST 12-19-2018: Pronouncing "Hezbollah"

PODCAST 12-18-2018: Audio Ask Derek Anything

GUEST POST: The Political Economy of Kazakhstan

PODCAST 12-13-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 11 (ideology 1)

PODCAST 12-11-2018: President Jupiter with Branko Marcetic

Subscriber Essay: The Sultanate of Zanzibar

PODCAST 12-06-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 10 (institutions)

PODCAST 12-04-2018: Middle East Basics

PODCAST 11-29-2018: The Qarmatians and Ismailis

PODCAST 11-27-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 9 (organization)

GUEST POST: Culture and Politics in Tokugawa Japan, Part 2

PODCAST 11-20-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 8

PODCAST 11-16-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 7

PODCAST 11-14-2018: The Burusho

PODCAST 11-13-2018: The Kalash of Pakistan

Subscriber Essay: Palestinians in Jordan

PODCAST 11-08-2018: Orthodox Christianity, explained (?), with Hannah Gais

GUEST POST: Inaccurate Conception

PODCAST 11-07-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 6 (1952 Revolution)

Subscriber Essay: the Caliphate of Córdoba

PODCAST 11-01-2018: The Yarsanis

GUEST POST: Bed, Ba’ath, and Beyond, part 2

Subscriber essay: The Historicity of the Convivencia

PODCAST 10-25-2018: Khashoggi, Erdogan, and MBS

PODCAST 10-23-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 5 (Post-War through Dissolution)

PODCAST 10-18-2018: War Online with Emerson Brooking

PODCAST 10-16-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 4 (Cairo, 1933-1945)

Subscriber Essay: al-Tabari and His History

GUEST POST: Culture and Politics in Tokugawa Japan, Part 1

PODCAST 10-11-2018: The Khashoggi Disappearance

PODCAST 10-04-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 4 (Hassan al-Banna)

PODCAST 10-02-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 3 (Rashid Rida)

Subscriber Essay: Iran’s Next Supreme Leader?

GUEST POST: Bed, Ba’ath, and Beyond, part 1

PODCAST 9-25-2018: The Samaritans

Subscriber Essay: The 1941 Anglo-Iraqi War

Subscriber Essay: The Story of the Worst Safari Club Ever

PODCAST 9-20-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 2 (Muhammad Abduh)

PODCAST 9-18-2018: Muslim Brotherhood Part 1 (Islamic Modernism)

PODCAST 9-13-2018: Ask Derek Anything, War on Terror Edition

PODCAST 9-12-2018: The Saudi-Yemeni War of 1934

GUEST POST: Using Middle Eastern Christians for Imperial Aims

PODCAST 9-10-2018: Lula's Brazil with Michael Brooks

PODCAST 9-04-2018: Understanding Mali with Alex Thurston

Subscriber Essay: On the Janissaries

PODCAST 8-31-2018: The Anglo-Russian Convention of 1907

PODCAST 8-28-2018: The Battles of Mohacs

Subscriber Essay: Causes of Safavid Decline

PODCAST 8-23-2018: The War on Weapon States, with Michael Youhana

PODCAST 8-21-2018: The Conquest of Ceuta

PODCAST 8-14-2018: Left Foreign Policy with Kelsey Atherton

PODCAST 8-09-2018: The Druze

PODCAST 8-07-2018: Boko Haram and Nigeria with Alex Thurston

PODCAST 8-03-2018: Audio Ask Derek Anything

PODCAST 7-31-2018: Baathism Part 6 (Assad and Saddam, end)

PODCAST 7-30-2018: Baghdad's Birthday

Subscriber Essay: The Tanzimat, the Young Ottomans, and the Young Turks

PODCAST 7-26-2018: Baathism Part 5 (Hashemite Iraq)

PODCAST 7-24-2018: Trump in Europe with Branko Marcetic

PODCAST 7-20-2018: The Battle of Ankara

PODCAST 7-17-2018: Baathism Part 4 (1960s)

Subscriber Essay: The Brief History of the Zand Dynasty

PODCAST 7-12-2018: Donny's NATO Adventure

PODCAST 7-10-2018: Baathism Part 3 (Syria to the UAR)

Subscriber Essay: A Brief History of the Cyprus Dispute

PODCAST 6-25-2018: Turkey's Election

PODCAST 6-21-2018: The Story of Sabbatai Zevi

PODCAST 6-19-2018: Baathism Part 2 (Syria Under the French Mandate)

Subscriber Essay: The Truman Doctrine and Its Origins

PODCAST 6-13-2018: Eid Mubarak

PODCAST 6-12-2018: The Mandaeans

Subscriber Essay: The Assassination of Anwar Sadat by Egyptian Islamic Jihad

PODCAST 6-09-2018: The Battle of Toulouse (721)

PODCAST 6-08-2018: Baathism Part 1

PODCAST 6-07-2018: The Occupation of East Jerusalem

PODCAST 6-06-2018: The Great Bombay Cyclone of 1882

PODCAST 6-05-2018: Democratic Party Foreign Policy, with Ryan Cooper

Subscriber Essay: Early Islam's Spread to East Africa

PODCAST 5-31-2018: The Ahmadiyya

PODCAST 5-29-2018: Nasserism Part 5 (end)

PODCAST 5-24-2018: Trump and Kim on the Rocks

PODCAST 5-16-2018: Nasserism Part 4 (United Arab Republic)

PODCAST 5-11-2018: Audio Ask Derek Anything

PODCAST 5-08-2018: Trump's Nuclear Fallout

Subscriber Essay: The Suez Crisis

PODCAST 5-03-2018: The Hazara

Derek on the District Sentinel 5-01-2018

Subscriber Essay: The Treaty of Bardo and Italy’s Empire

PODCAST 4-27-2018: Nasserism Part 3 (1952 Revolution)

PODCAST 4-23-2018: Armenians in the Middle East with @dankmtl

Subscriber Essay: Turanism and the Origins of Turkish Nationalism

PODCAST 4-19-2018: Erdogan's Election Plans

PODCAST 4-17-2018: Nasserism Part 2

PODCAST 4-13-2018: World War I and the Middle East

PODCAST 4-10-2018: Syria Latest

Subscriber Essay: The Algerian War of Independence: a Very Brief Introduction

PODCAST 4-05-2018: Nasserism Part 1

PODCAST 3-23-2018: John Bolton Joins the Team

PODCAST 3-20-2018: Iraq 15 Year Special

PODCAST 3-15-2018: Thoughts on Rex Tillerson

Subscriber Essay: The Rise of Adnan Khashoggi

PODCAST 3-08-2018: The Italian Election

PODCAST 3-05-2018: John Feffer on Donald Trump and Majoritarianism

PODCAST 3-01-2018: Al-Hakim and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

PODCAST 2-27-2018: Hannah Gais on Russiagate and Vladimir Putin

Subscriber Essay: The Brief History of the United Arab Republic

PODCAST 2-22-2018: The Alawites

PODCAST 2-20-2018: The Twelve Imams

PODCAST 2-16-2018: The Kurds Part 5 (Iran and Syria)

PODCAST 2-12-2018: Converting Muslims in Early Spain

Subscriber Essay: Who are the Mujahedin-e Khalq?

PODCAST 2-08-2018: The Kurds Part 4 (Iraq)

PODCAST 2-05-2018: The Yazidis

PODCAST 2-01-2018: Jim Lobe on Neoconservatism

PODCAST 1-31-2018: The Kurds Part 3 (Turkey)

Subscriber Essay: Hashemite Odds and Ends

PODCAST 1-25-2018: The Kurds Part 2

PODCAST 1-23-2018: The Kurds Part 1

Subscriber Essay: The Greco-Turkish Population Transfer (1923)

PODCAST 1-17-2018: The Yemeni Civil War

PODCAST 1-16-2018: A Brief History of the Caliphate

PODCAST 1-11-2018: Understanding Takfir

Subscriber Essay: Six Reasons Why Iran's Economy Sucks

PODCAST 1-03-2018: Iran's Protests