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San Diego County's super Republican, crooked (now-ex, but only so he could install a flunky who could run as incumbent in the upcoming election) Sherriff Bill Gore was in charge of tracking these guys as they lazed around San Diego plotting whatever.

As I've said a few times discussing the Afghan war and our decision to starve to death children whose parents probably weren't even born when the 9/11 attacks happened; if the rationale is they 'sheltered' Al-Qaeda, well, given that they were and are a poor country, full of loosely-governed, impassable territory, governed by ex-Islamic Jihadists, and as a sovereign nation bear exactly zero responsibility to protect America from attack by third parties, how the shit does the FBI, the massively funded, first-world surveillance agency whose literal job is protecting the US from foreign attack get a pass letting these guys - these guys they'd clocked and were actively surveilling - hang out, whore around, learn to fly-but-not-land planes and generally make conspicuous spectacles of themselves until the worst terrorist attack in US history, how the fuck does the FBI get a pass for this, and everyone involved is allowed to continue failing up?

I'm not a poli sci major or international lawyer but it seems like the Feds letting them chillax at the Bali Hai happy hour for months or years in a town with a literal FBI branch office up the 5 with maybe a few vaguely worded memos to show for it is a little more egregious than some Illiterate farmer's son who owes his position to his record as an Islamic jihadist shooting down Russian Helicopters not doing freelance US intelligence work against Islamic jihadists - work the US intelligence apparatus was manifestly unable to do given all the same opportunities and an actual mandate to do so.

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