Great article, only correction I'd make is that nearly every president since Eisenhower has been trying to destabilize the Cuban government.

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Can't remember if it was Bessner or Matt Christman or someone else who said this but it has REALLY stuck with me through this round of Cuban "crisis":

Imagine that the US had a socialist revolution and established a socialist government and the vast majority of the formerly elite capitalist class and petite bourgeoise left the US and moved to Mexico. And in Mexico this class of people formed a POWERFUL voting bloc that pushed the Mexican government into a combative economic and military stance against the US. And for decades this class and the Mexican government worked to starve and undermine and overthrow the revolutionary government in the US.

That is the relationship between Cuba and the US. The Cuban capitalist class and petite bourgeoise, who were oppressing the Cuban people, got kicked out in a revolutionary coup and they moved to Florida and reshaped US policy toward the socialist government in Cuba.

So think about this anytime someone talks about the oppressed Cuban people yearning to be free in Florida.

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