I always appreciate your columns, Daniel. I'm troubled by the simplicity of your conclusion and I'm not sure I agree. I think material conditions dictate that no anti-imperialist CAN be elected President because one MUST be an imperialist to gain the baseline of necessary support. And if a potential candidate does have any kind of anti-imperialist sympathies they will be weeded out of the process at an early stage.

Even Bernie, who I'm sure many of us love, was no anti-imperialist crusader. He wasn't pro-military either but I have no doubt that had he become President he would've given the military what they want if doing so would have advanced his domestic agenda. So I guess I'd like to hear you expand on why you think this approach is effective. For me I think your second point in the conclusion is far more salient - we must develop and amass institutional power that can counter and apply pressure to the executive branch and the military industrial complex.

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